I haven't just been doing other people's books for the last 24 years—I started my first business at age 15 with the sole purpose of financing me through the long summer after finishing my exams (all that Sunny-D costs a bit for a 15 year old).

I've since come a LONG way from selling my time cutting lawns and washing cars to my neighbours, from turning-around struggling multi-million-pound businesses as a Chartered Management Accountant, to building my own multiple six-figure Accounting business, I even managed to swap my Sunny-D habit for a love of Coffee!

I now use my financial and business growth expertise to help consultants and service-based business owners, take the dream of massive income and impact and turn it into their reality. With my signature program, The Profit Alchemy™ Effect, all of this and MORE has become possible for Consulting Alchemists all over the globe.


Starting in 2020, I noticed a big issue for consultants and service providers, COMPROMISE…

Many of these Compromised Consultants were stuck trading their time for money as a result thinking they had to compromise by either pursuing a growing business, or instead maintaining a decent work-life balance – all at the expense of their income.

But why not have both? If we truly desire both a surplus of money and a surplus of time, then physics teaches us that there is a reality out there, in which it is possible – it is our job to create that reality.

The Alchemists of old knew this to be true and spent their time pursuing the skills to turn base metal into gold, what did they receive? ridicule... It's only now, centuries later thanks to the
LBNL’s Bevalac particle accelerator, do we know that this is in fact entirely possible.

The bottom line? Building a scalable service business has given me the financial freedom to do what I want (even if that’s binge-watching Karate Kid Films on Netflix.) My mission now is simple: show consultants and service-based business owners how to leverage their time so that they can make serious money doing what they’re good at, so all work and no play becomes all work is play.

Play Harder...

Everything I do in my business (like making videos, teaching, and coaching) is FUN. Anything that isn't fun I stop, drop, or delegate!

I lead with PLAY. Gaming, learning guitar, hanging out with my 3 kids... my wife refers to me as her BIGGEST kid!

My "lifestyle" is about fun in and out of the business. I want to walk that talk every single day...

AND I want to invite YOU to do the same! Stop taking this business stuff so seriously! Enjoy the ride, and experience the PROFIT ALCHEMY EFFECT.

My favourite books to bring you inspiration in BUSINESS and LIFE

Contact Ben & Team BR:

To get in touch with Ben, contact Team BR at customersuccess@benrendle.com

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